Sand & Finishing

We Use a Unique Sanding Process the will Extend the Life of Your Hardwood Flooring.

We offer finish upgrades such as high end residential, commercial finishes and hard-wax oils to fit your individual needs.

* Above pricing applies to solid strip or plank hardwood flooring in good to fair condition being stained a natural to medium color (dark,custom or red colors are charged on a job to job bases).

* Water popping of the floor is included in the above prices if needed.

*Each job has a minimum price of $ 500.00

Stair Refinishing

  • Closed stairs- $25.00 ea.
  • One side open- $35.00 ea.
  • Two sides open- $ 45.00 
  • Volute – $50.00 ea.
  • Bullnosing – $ 5.00 L/F
  • Bullnosing w/ spindles – $ 10.00 L/F

Maintenance Coats $ 1.50 sq/ft

A maintenance coat is the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your hardwood floors. Don’t wait until your floors are in a condition where your only option is a full sand & finish. We will look at your floor, do a few simple test and determine if recoating the floor is a viable option.

In some cases floors that have been cleaned with products containing acrylics, waxes, oils and grease may have issues with finish adhesion even after testing and cleaning. In the event of finish failure half the price of this service will be credited toward the sanding and finishing service of your choice.  



Repair Service

Due to the demand of this service and our schedule we currently only repair work previously done by us. Prices are calculated by time and material. In other words, total expense of materials used plus our going labor rate ($60.00 hr.).